The Osmocom TETRA project

This project aims at practical research and experimentation with the TETRA trunked radio system.

It is part of the bigger family of Osmocom projects, all aiming to create Free Software (Open Source Software) for mobile communications.

Chaosradio podcast about TETRA, its security and OsmocomTETRA

Today, a Chaosradio Express (CRE) about TETRA has been released at

OsmocomTETRA founder Harald Welte was interviewed by Tim Pritlove, maker of the popular German language technology podcast Chaosradio Express.

The 2 hours ...

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Starting to analyze the Dimetra BTS

We have recently started to analyze some old Motorola Dimetra equipment, the progress can be found at Dimetra_EBTS and the follow-up pages.

Any hints on how to configure/setup/use this hardware are appreciated, especailly regarding the Ethernet protocol between BR and TSC, as well as the E1 protocol from TSC to SwMI.

NOTE: Please observe the Legal_Notes before using this software!

Software Defined Radio TETRA Air interface sniffer

The osmo-tetra project aims at implementing the sending and receiving part of the TETRA MAC/PHY layer.

Currently, it can

  • receive, demodulate and decode TETRA downlink signals of real-world TETRA networks
  • display information about SYNC, SYSINFO, MM and CMCE PDUs
  • forward those TETRA downlink signals to the wireshark protocol analyzer
  • forward IP packets contained in TETRA SNDCP to a local tun/tap device

Research on Motorola Dimetra EBTS

We are currently investigating the hardware and software architecture of the Motorola Dimetra EBTS, including its components like Base Radio, Site Controller, etc.

The goal here is to run this equipment without a Motorla SwMI and thus have an inexpensive platform for running your own TETRA network for research purpose.

Applied Research on security of real-world TETRA networks

Using the tools we develop, we are analyzing the security of real-world TETRA networks.

Our experience so far is quite shocking: All the non-government TETRA networks that we have encountered use no TETRA encryption at all, i.e. they are subject to very easy eavesdropping attacks.

More information will follow soon.

Osmocom TETRA software

  • osmo-tetra - Our software defined radio TETRA receiver

TETRA related hardware

Press Coverage

Further Reading

  • FAQ - Our Frequently Asked Questions
  • Recommended_Reading -- Links to recommended books, articles, etc.
  • TETRA_in_Germany -- Information we collect about TETRA networks in Germany
  • Talks_Lectures -- Talks / Lectures given by the osmocomTETRA project
  • Speech_Codec -- Information on how to find specs + reference code of the TETRA speech codec
  • Test_Samples -- Samples recorded on test network
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