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Chaosradio podcast about TETRA, its security and OsmocomTETRA

Today, a Chaosradio Express (CRE) about TETRA has been released at

OsmocomTETRA founder Harald Welte was interviewed by Tim Pritlove, maker of the popular German language technology podcast Chaosradio Express.

The 2 hours and 20 minutes long interview covers the historic evolution from analog radio, trunked radio to digital trunked radion and TETRA. It also covers users, security issues and the OsmocomTETRA project.

Please note: CRE is a German language publication.

Starting to analyze the Dimetra BTS

We have recently started to analyze some old Motorola Dimetra equipment, the progress can be found at Dimetra_EBTS and the follow-up pages.

Any hints on how to configure/setup/use this hardware are appreciated, especailly regarding the Ethernet protocol between BR and TSC, as well as the E1 protocol from TSC to SwMI.